There is a difference between truth and belief.

Truth is knowing, belief is what you don’t know.

About Eddy
Eddy Van Calster

Combining philosophy with neuroscientific principles and with a Master’s degree at the Brussels Faculty of Medicine, I have developed a vision to enable people to tackle problems while overcoming fear or judgment. I help strip away the excuses and convenient stories we tell ourselves to get through life. Replacing them by guiding to a deeper realistic sense, I bring evolution in the process towards a greater freedom.

It’s an ability to show you how harmful it is to accept a particular state of mind as an established fact. My work involves emptying the mind of the obstacles that are getting in the way of fulfilment.

“The beauty of the flower
knows itself through you.”

Clienst testimonials

“Pure mind is presence in action with joy. Create ideals only based on deep values and it becomes expressed.”

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A man with a gift for seeing through the illusions of life and understanding what is on the other side: truth. He has the ability to dismantle the constructed so-called realities that our society, and we as individuals, have built up in our collective and individual minds.