Eddy Van Calster

We have built up images in our collective and individual minds. These mind constructs are what is preventing us from living an authentic life that is full of joy and inner peace.

First be honest with yourself. Have the courage to see what is happening by the ego. Inquire as deep as you can.

About Eddy

"You cannot create harmony from the perspective of competition or by celebrating the individual ego over the collective."

The unconventional path I have encountered in my life, as well as the challenges and obstacles presented to me along the way, has given me skills to cut through pain and sorrow and face the false mind that kept me from living as we were meant to live: as free beings connected to the source of pure consciousness. This is attainable to everybody, no matter what environment you happen to find yourself in.

Who would I be if I were not fed by my ego, and if my ego did not define me?

I have spent my life searching for the truth of what is behind human actions and reactions, and what lies at the heart of the values and beliefs people live by. My quest has been to find the source of pure consciousness in order to understand the states of being that affect human kind.
It began at a young age when I understood very early on that I didn’t value in the same way what other people seemed to value: money, attachment to patterns, power, status…ego. I was more curious about collective and individual consciousness, inner freedom and access to another kind of intelligence that was connected to intuition and loving care. With a background in medicine and a specialisation in holistic dentistry, I knew I wanted to help people become more problem-free. Later on, I found I had outgrown the conventional approach to health and wanted a different kind of research. I sought other paradigms than the doctor-patient relationship wherein the patient stays in a cycle of evolutive sickness and is too dependent upon the doctor to behold or to return to health.

As a result, I departed from my traditional career to embark on a humble path of truth to learn to see the world as an independent thinker and became a self-made man, free of the certificates and degrees that had come to define and encumber me. At a time when studying alternative therapies was still foreign to most people, I sought out training in homeopathy, electroacupuncture, and food complements. I also studied philosophy and psychology and followed the wisdom of such masters as Krishnamurti, Sri Nisargadatta and Lao Tse.

Despite the great success that my practice met with, I closed my clinic in order to further explore how to develop a deep awareness about the human condition. I started by looking into the ways that ‘humanness’ gets in the way of ‘beingness’. This led to the creation of my brainchild, the Froton Life Tool – a physical tool to help people think about their lives in a new way, asking the right questions of themselves in order to relativise their problems and better understand life from a broader perspective. The result of my intellectual and spiritual inquiry was the creation of a practice in 1998 in coaching human potential, and NeuroPscience in 2012 which I ran together with my wife, Fabienne, and my son Laurens (Neuropsychologist), until Fabienne’s death in the Brussels airport terror attacks in 2016.
This brought even deeper challenge and insight through the inquiry of profound suffering, being part of a maturing process for the teachings and the working power of the Froton Life Tool.
In honour of my wife, I continue to make it my life’s mission to bring peace and enlightenment to people from all walks of life who are suffering or struggling with pain, in whatever form it happens to manifest.

"Non-personal imagination is the instrument of the soul, revealing connection through your wonderful creations … feeling good, excited."