Frequently Asked Question

What can someone expect from a private therapy session?

A session usually lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. The objective of a session is to work until the client feels that something has shifted or opened up and leaves with a sense of having achieved something.

The number of sessions a client attends varies depending on the results they are seeking. Some people want to clear up a specific situation, while others want to get to the root of their suffering

Three sessions are the minimum to experience a transition. The average is 10 sessions.

In terms of frequency, Eddy recommends coming to one session every two weeks in order to have time to integrate what’s been learned. Notetaking is a good way to refer back to what happened when between sessions. Sometimes there might be a specific assignment given as homework, but the process of growth is up to the client. Some clients prefer to come once a week so as to be reminded of what they’ve learned.

Eddy uses the Froton Life Tool to help clients understand and gain insight into how they operate. Examining patterns in an open space, the goal is to give these patterns a place in daily life so that inner and outer conflicts can come to an end. Eddy works with his clients towards developing a clearer perspective to be able to meet life’s challenges.

The price of one session is 70€.