Frequently Asked Question

What does a company coaching session involve?

A company coaching session begins with a meeting with the company contact person to understand the expectations, way of working, and company structure. Then, Eddy carries out confidential personal assessments of the team to evaluate the capacity for change and the roles these employees could play in finding a workable solution. Global problems are communicated to HR. Next, Eddy organizes a series of group meetings concerning the issues that are affecting workers. Additional staff members are invited to join group meetings if/when necessary.

Eddy helps companies work more effectively and efficiently by increasing motivation, fostering healthy communication and ambition, and reducing self-interest. Free of constraints, an employee is much more creative, happier, and energetic – a state that Eddy works toward achieving within the company parameters. 

These coaching sessions are ideal for addressing burnout, learning to adapt to new challenges in the changing business climate, and being flexible and working intelligently in the daily working environment. CEOs can also learn how to give realistic targets, apply the right amount of pressure on managers, and evolve toward transparency in a measured way. Overall, Eddy’s work is about achieving a positive sense of shared responsibility and bringing out greater solidarity and respect for the company as a whole.

Prices available upon request.