The world dances to the fears of unconscious beliefs.

Be aware of the law of attraction: so within, so without.

The Froton Life Tool is a device to develop more consciousness. It is designed to help people get in touch with themselves on a deeper level in order to be in greater harmony with their own truth as well as the laws of nature. The tool is a pyramid with 7 levels and 4 sides. Each side represents the different aspects of a human being – the physical body, the levels of consciousness, resonance with the world outside yourself, and illusions. On every side, there are 7 layers that build on top of each other, from the base of the pyramid to the top. Each has its own centre of activity and energy related to the levels above and below it. By identifying the words on the pyramid that correspond with a particular problem and discovering the connections, it will be able to transform a troublesome situation or negative pattern into one that brings fulfilment.

My method allows people, regardless of the environment they’re in (the workplace, family, friendships), to see their patterning and to find a tangible solution. not giving power to the ego that creates to keep us trapped in a cycle of pain and suffering.

This visionary method was designed to be used autonomously by whoever happens to be using it – therapists, coaches, individuals, team leaders, teachers, heads of departments – putting people confidently in the driver’s seat of their own lives and determining an action plan to continue the journey, even when the unexpected comes up. However, anyone can ask for my help and guidance during a session.

"Fear is the opposite of Love. And so, Love is often rejected, not accepted, instead of being received. Because it’s unknown quantity and quality."

Work with Eddy - Step 1

Step 1

Identifying the problem

Choose a problem you want to work on. It can be physical, psychological, emotional, relational, etc. It could be a chronic illness, workplace conflict, past event, or family issue. Find a word on the Froton Life Tool that best represents the problem. Oftentimes, we think we know the problem, when actually we merely know the feelings or emotions that surround the problem. This is why it is worthwhile spending time becoming really clear about what the problem truly is. It is important to be as open-minded as possible so as to pinpoint the exact problem rather than choosing one that is related to it, or an effect of it. It is equally important not to mix problems together or to be inspired by a solution while discovering and defining the problem. This will help you to choose the right key word. Be as precise as possible and choose only one problem. If you want to work on another problem you are free to do so at another time. Use the accompanying Froton Life Tool guidebook to look up the word and read the meaning ascribed to it. Note down the word, reflect on what you have read and refer back to it.
Work with Eddy - Step 2

Step 2

Finding the deeper cause

On the Froton Life Tool, look at the level that is below the level that your problem is on. (If you are on level one then stay on that level). This is where you will discover what is sabotaging your ability to move past the problem, what is underneath your struggle. The saboteur holding you down is very difficult to identify because it changes form every time you show signs of improvement. The saboteur is like a virus – it lives off of your problem. The more you try to destroy it, the stronger it tries to become.
Your saboteur might take the form of excuses, resistance, denial, fear sickness, strong emotional reactions, any form of mind construction or conditioning that has become a totally normal, and even habitual, response to the problem. This is the deeper cause of the problem, and finding it is key to moving toward a solution. Look at only the resonance or level of consciousness sides of the pyramid. Find a word that moves you the most. ie. fear of power is the saboteur of power.

Work with Eddy - Step 3

Step 3

The solution

Now that you have recognized and identified your saboteur, go to the Froton Life Tool guidebook and find the List for Transformation page. Your saboteur “word” will be on the left-hand side. Look at the column on the right-hand side for the corresponding solution word that will help you free yourself from your saboteur. This word will be on a higher level than that of your problem and saboteur because the higher regulates the lower. Read the relevant paragraphs to gain insight. This is where everything comes together and makes sense, and you’ll be able to see the illusions for what they are. Once it does, from the vantage point of the solution level you’ll be above (both literally and metaphorically) what you are struggling with, and therefore able to put everything into perspective. Your problem will then become manageable because the solution will make it relative.

At this point, you will be in a position to decide what will continue to influence you, and what will not. Everything that is not valuable to you will no longer be part of your mind construction or conditioning. The work from here is up to you – remembering to put the ego in its rightful place, staying outside the problem through raised consciousness, and spotting the saboteur as it arises. Now, the conscious choice is between following your rightful path, or to fall back into the mind trap of the problem energy and repeating the pattern.

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